What does P.D.O. mean?

The P.D.O. is a trademark of quality attributed to foods whose specific characteristics depend essentially on the production territory.
The geographic environment includes both natural factors such as climate and environmental characteristics, human factors, such as traditional production techniques and craftsmanship which, combined together, provide an unique product in another territorial context.

In order for a product be P.D.O., all stages of production and transformation must take place in a defined geographical area.
Who wants to produce the orange of Ribera P.D.O. must follow the strict rules laid down in the specific production rules. Compliance with these rules is guaranteed by the Istituto Zooprofilattico for Sicily (Sicilian Institute for Disease Prevention in Domestic Breeding Herds), independent inspection body, appointed by the Consortium of Safeguard and approved by the Ministry of agriculture and forestry.
The Consortium of Safeguard supervises the marketing of the Orange of Ribera P.D.O..
All these elements make up a very solid protection for the consumer that in the products will find guarantees P.D.O. hardly found in the wide-ranging agrifood market overview.


What does Orange of Ribera P.D.O. mean?

Typical variety: Brazilian, Washington navel and Navelina.
Production area: oranges must be grown exclusively in the municipalities of Ribera, Bivona, Burgio, Calamonaci, Caltabellotta, Cattolica Eraclea, Cianciana, Lucca Sicula, Menfi, Montallegro, Sciacca, Villafranca Sicula, Siculiana and Chiusa Sclafani.
Characteristics of cultivation and mode of production: the production of “Orange of Ribera P.D.O.” must be conducted in facilities with the following methods:
a) traditional one, achieved through the adoption of ordinary systems practiced in the territory in accordance with the rules of “Normal good agricultural practice” in accordance with Community regulations and respecting the limits of residues of pesticides;
b) Integrated one, with compliance with technical standards for integrated production of Sicilian region in accordance with Community regulations on agri-environment subject;
c) biological one, in accordance with EEC regulations 2092/91.
The maximum yield production in any case cannot exceed 400 kg per hectare.
The consortium of safeguard puts emphasis on cultivation practices which help to promote environmental equilibrium and biodiversity.
All subsequent operations at orange harvesting must be carried out within the territory of the election of the P.D.O.


The quality of Orange of Ribera P.D.O.

Characteristics of the produced oranges must meet precise technical and analytical parameters and they are undergone to inspections and analysis to decide on its admissibility for consumption.
Controls: the certification body carries out continuous checks on IZS places of production and products, ensuring the absolute conformity to specification of the P.D.O. Ribera Orange; the Consortium of safeguard does additional checks and controls that make the entire chain of Ribera Orange P.D.O. absolutely guaranteed.
The orange of Ribera P.D.O. represents further recognition and warranty to the brand Riberella which will be present on the markets with an additional and ongoing research on the quality of our productions.


The only Orange P.D.O. in the world!

Registered office at ESA, C.so Reg Office. Margherita, no. 238

Headquarters Via Quasimodo (Centro direzionale for agriculture)

Postal code 92016-Ribera (AG)

www.riberella.it – info@riberella.it